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Free Articles, Tips, How to's, templates and other valuable resources:

Within this web site, we have a number free resources for project management practitioners and those interested in the subject. This includes articles, how to's, templates and information that is often of real interest to those who work in project management - and to project based businesses.

Articles, Tips and How to's:

The following articles describe various topics of project management, where we try to share our experience as well as describing the topic itself. Some, like how to plan a project have tips in them, that we believe are key to being successful. Readers may be surprised, as few of these tips focus on traditional project management skills, such as scheduling. We believe there are far more important aspects to project management, such as achieving ownership across project teams. In terms of approach, we have always favored and promote the principles and practices of Agile project environments.

Free Templates: no registration required

The page below contains links and descriptions the following templates: business case; comprehensive excel based risk register; project delivery strategy document and others. You are free to download and use these for you own purposes.

What PM Methods do we use or promote?

PMIS works in multiple industries and environments, where there are often differing needs relating to the practical side of PM. For this reason, we do not support one single PM method above all others; we do though, support certain approaches and methods far more than others, for example, Agile. Agile project management (is not actually a method), it is more about the environment within which projects happen. Agile promotes things such as: shortening lines and increasing frequency of communication; early involvement and participation of key stakeholders; slimming down project documentation to focus on fundamentals of a project; responding to and being able to accommodate change swiftly. These are all excellent practices that produce the most effective project environments, and PMIS has been promoting such things for many years, if not decades.

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